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We bring people together with technologies 
and applications also
we bring them to a
We are currently focused on mobile
applications and SaaS platforms with great
desire and

When we work we are using methods proven to be the best, 
valuing experience and 
if it is possible we don't hesitate to bring innovations to find a better way.
The users are our map; they guide us to reach the point we want to reach.
We get help from them and we benefit of them in evaluating every decision that we make when we can't reach our targets.
When we respect each other, value each other, invest and when we reach success as a team, we feel the perfection.
We believe that we can turn the courage to pursue daring ideas and impossible dreams into reality.

About Murct

Having targeted Turkey and the World and created projects since its first day, Murct started this journey by establishing Setsim, and now it fosters numerous applications and does not hesitate to realize and invest for the projects they believe in. 
The entrepreneurship story which started in Izmir/Turkey has been continuing in Istanbul as a result of rapid developed. 
Maintaining this route, 
Murct considers its main factos as discovering new teammates and ensuring compliance depending
on the qualities of projects.
Murct thinks that there would be success upon gathering the right team at the onset of an initiative, and
incorporates experienced, committed and passionate people. Murct takes part in all kinds of software-related categories such as SaaS projects, web agency and social network app, and it aims to present itself in the global arena.

Murct argues that the world rapidly changes and the right strategy is to take risks and try
until it succeeds. We promise that we will adopt this values across Murct to make them come true


Our Brands

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